The Mobile Age — Meeting Residents Where They Are

How many of your residents use the internet? It is probably a very high number. In the United States 90 percent of the population regularly uses the internet Pew Research reports, with 80 percent owning a smartphone. 

Nowadays, the smartphone has become a near necessity for most people and is their primary source of information, news and communication. Additionally, more and more people have ditched desktop and laptop computers completely and access the internet solely on their smartphones.

What does this mean for local government? This means that mobile optimization is no-longer optional.

According to a survey conducted by GoPetie among Massachusetts pet owners 65% say that they feel better about their town when they see them utilizing mobile and digital technology. These citizens aren’t alone, many people feel better about their communities when they are taking steps to make residents’ lives easier.

Optimizing government for a mobile user doesn’t mean building out a complicated app – it just means making information and services easily accessible on a smartphone. Creating web pages and emails that are optimized for a mobile browser is the first step. Offering information in the form of downloadable PDF is great but only useful to those on a desktop or laptop computer, the numbers of which are dwindling.

Integrating simple mobile optimized form and payment processing systems can make your services accessible to a much larger portion of the population. Governments can partner with software companies that specialize in government services to make the transition seamless and maintain security and data integrity.

With that you will see more engagement and revenue since people can access the information so much easier. People tend to have a much more positive view of their local government when they have a good experience submitting a form or payment that would usually require a trip to Town Hall. Likewise, people are more willing to pay a licensing fee if they can do it on their phone on their own time.


Municipalities don’t have to sit by and watch licensing laws be ignored!

Switching from your generic municipal software to something modern and comprehensive can boost licensing significantly. Switching to NEXT Pet Licensing System can allow you to offer different kinds of payments, allow residents to license online and through a mobile app and allow departments to all access the information securely wherever they are. Boost compliance, revenue and cut down on the time spent processing applications!

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