Moving With Your Pet

Moving is a big life change for you, can you imagine what it’s like for your pet? Before you start packing take a second to make some plans for your furry friend.

Visit Your Vet

If you are planning a move a great place to start is with your vet. Schedule a visit to talk about your pets needs and their temperament. If you are going to take them on a long car ride and they are skittish the vet will have some advice on the best way to proceed.

Get Them Ready

If your pet doesn’t go on a lot of car rides and your move is far take them on shorty trips in the weeks leading up to it. This will ease some of that anxiety and make the move easier for them as well as for you.

Keep Things Normal

Moving is a process and you will be packing for weeks before. Try and keep life as normal as possible for your pet while you pack up. Keep your pets food and bed in the place they have always been and try and keep the area around it as normal as possible. If you start changing things in advance your pet will know something is changing and their stress may cause them to act out or get sick.

Get Their New Space Ready

When you arrive at your new home make sure it is suitable for your pet right away. Make sure there are no hazardous materials on the ground and be aware of areas your pet could get stuck or get out of the house. 

Since your pet needs stability make sure you select a room right off the bat you can establish as a home base. Move your pets water and toys into that room so they have a sense of security and normalcy. Establishing a space they feel comfortable in is essential to them acclimating to their surroundings.

Update Their Tags

When you arrive make sure you don’t forget to update your pets information! If you have a dog make sure they are licensed in their new city or town and their license tag attached to their collar. Also update their identification tags and microchip to reflect your new address.

With a little planning your pet can avoid unnecessary anxiety and grow to love their new home!

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