Keeping Your Pet Safe In The Summer

A cool pup is a happy pup!

Summer is a great season for humans and animals alike. But before you hit the beach be aware of the needs of your furry friends to have a fun and safe day.

Your pets require a lot of the same things you do on a hot sunny day but sometimes their needs can be easy to forget. Here are a few of the most important things to remember for your pets.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

One of the most important things to remember in the hot weather is staying hydrated. You can feel yourself get tired and thirsty but it may be less obvious in your pets. Animals can get dehydrated and overheat just like we can but they can’t tell you they need water. Always have clean water and something your pet can drink out of when you are spending a lot of time outside.

If you are spending a lot of time outdoors you should always be watchful of the signs of heatstroke in your pet. They can include: excessive panting, lethargy, vomiting, seizures, and stumbling. If you think your pet may be experiencing heat stroke get them out of the heat immediately and try to cool them down by wetting them with water and making sure they drink. Because heat stroke can cause damage to internal organs make sure you visit your veterinarian as soon as you can even if they seem okay.

Never Leave A Pet In A Car

It can get hot fast in the summer. When you bring your pet anywhere never leave them inside a car for any amount of time. Think of them like you would a child – they are completely helpless in a situation where they are enclosed in a space. 

This goes for at home and outside as well. Never leave a pet outside for an extended period of time and if they are in a home make sure there is some kind of ventilation or airflow to keep them cool.

Be Mindful of The Heat

Though they deal with heat differently pets are still affected by it as much as we are. When you are walking your pet on the road or even the beach be aware of how hot the ground is. They have padding on their paws but on an especially hot day it can burn.

Also be sure to groom them appropriately. Never shave a pet to keep them cool! Fur is used to naturally regulate heat and protect skin from sunburn so removing it completely can be dangerous. A good trim is all your pet needs.

Table Scraps Are Not Always Good

More time outside = more barbecues. Many of the foods and beverages enjoyed at a barbecue event can be poisonous to pets. Be aware of where your pets are at events and who is around them. Remind children not to feed them and clean up any leftovers before letting your pet roam free.

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