Keep Your Pets Safe This July 4th

Keep your pets safe this Fourth of July!

Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate! Before you light up the barbecue at your Fourth of July party take a second to think about the safety of your furry friends.

An outdoor party or barbecue might seem like a great place to take your dog but it’s a bad choice for a number of reasons. Historically July 5 is the busiest day at animal shelters every year due to animals running away from outdoor gatherings or getting spooked by fireworks. The best way to avoid heartbreak is to be mindful of your pets’ needs beforehand. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you head out to your Fourth of July celebration…

Your Dog Probably Doesn’t Like Fireworks

Fireworks are a traditional part of any good Fourth of July celebration. But if you have no idea what’s happening those loud unpredictable noises can be terrifying. That’s how your dog interprets what is going on.

Fireworks can cause a number of issues in pets including acute anxiety and fear. The best way to keep your pet from feeling those things is by keeping them indoors and away from the noise as best you can. The ASPCA suggests for especially anxious pets to keep some soft music on to buffer the noise or utilize a weighted anxiety vest (like a mini-weighted blanket) you can get at most pet supply store.

If you really need to keep your dog outside then make sure they are secure and you are there with them. The loud noises can trigger a panic response in many dogs, even ones not prone to anxiety, causing them to run away from the noise.

July 5th Is The #1 Day For Missing Pets

Each and every year shelters report more activity on July 5 than any other time. Pets go missing on July 4 for a number of reasons most of which stem from the holiday celebration itself.

Many people make the mistake of bringing their dogs to outdoor gatherings with lots of other people. An unfamiliar environment full of unknown people can make a dog want to run away. Add in the distraction of alcohol and the loud noises from fireworks and it becomes a widespread problem.

The easy solution is to keep your pet at home. Your dog won’t be missing out! If you are hosting a gathering take steps to ensure your pet stays indoors using gates or a crate if need be. Your dog may be sad they are missing out on some food but they will be safe.

Party Debris Can Be Dangerous

After the celebration make sure you clean up as best you can. Sparklers, fireworks, glow-sticks, skewers and other party favors are a huge choking risk. Also be mindful of leftover food and barbecue supplies so your pet doesn’t get sick.

If you brought your dog to a gathering be aware of what they are up to at all times so they don’t get into something that could hurt them.

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