8 Tech Devices Every Pet Owner Should Have

Humans have all of the advantages of modern gadgets, but pets seem to get a little left out when it comes to technology. The world of pet gear has been relegated for far too long to analog pet toys like rubber balls and plain old plastic food dishes. Well, no more! Thanks to these eight devices, your pet can get techy too.

1.    PetNet SmartBowl

Take mealtime to the next level with the SmartBowl from PetNet, a high-tech food bowl that’s designed to help you keep your pet healthy.

To use the SmartBowl, you first create a profile online for your pet, which will help you determine how much to feed them. You’ll then receive text reminders when it’s time to feed your furry friend. The bowl will also guide you using LED lights to ensure you pour the right amount. To help you make sure your pet is eating right, the device will also keep track of their eating habits.

2.    ZenCrate

Loud noises, like thunderstorms and fireworks, are scary for many dogs. When you’re home, you can offer comfort to your pup, but if you’re not, the ZenCrate can do the job for you.

This crate is designed to calm dogs’ anxiety, especially when it’s caused by loud noises. It features a motion sensor, so it can let you know when your dog enters the crate, start playing calming music and turn on a fan to keep your canine cool. It also features sound insulation and vibration-dampening legs.

3.    Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar is designed to be a comprehensive solution to keeping your dog safe and healthy. It’s a location tracker, activity tracker and camera all rolled into one.

The collar is equipped with GPS tracking capacities and also keeps tabs on your dog’s activity, temperature and other wellness indicators. You can also use the collar to take pictures of your adventures as you hang out with your pup. You can also remotely turn on sounds to help with training and lights to make your dog more visible at night.

4.    Furbo

Nobody likes leaving their furry friends at home during the workday. Furbo, a pet-surveillance system, can help with that separation anxiety. Use the built-in camera to check in on your dog, and the two-way talk feature to say hi throughout the day.

Furbo will also send you an alert if it detects your dog barking or being especially active, so you can check in and make sure everything’s OK. You can even load the device with up to 100 treats that you can remotely launch to your dog for a quick game of fetch.

5.    Litter-Robot III

Cleaning out the litter box is no one’s favorite task, but with the Litter-Robot III Open Air, the job’s a “litter bit” easier. This high-tech litter box is self-cleaning. After your cat leaves the box, it automatically sifts the waste from the clean litter and deposits it in a bag-lined carbon filter drawer. It then alerts you when the drawer is full, and it’s time to empty it.

The Litter-Robot III is designed to reduce odor and save you money on litter. It’s ideal for both single- and multiple-cat households and features an automatic nightlight, a sleep mode and an adjustable cycle timer so you can choose how soon the device will clean itself after your cat leaves.

6.    GoPetie

Why should humans have all the social media fun? With GoPetie, you can create a local pet community where you can chat with local pet owners. You can use the app to find a play date for your pet.

GoPetie also provides a place to report a missing pet and enlist your community’s help to find it. If you don’t have a pet yet or just want another furry friend, there’s also a feature for helping you find pets available for adoption and fostering.

7.    GoBone

If you’ve got a particularly playful puppy or a dog you want to encourage to be more active, try the GoBone. This toy bone moves around on its own to keep your dog entertained while you’re busy, or you can control the toy with its smartphone app for a new way to play.

The GoBone can even adjust its behavior based on the age, weight, breed and play style of your dog. It also features a bonding style to help timid dogs gradually warm up to playing with it.

8.    SHRU

There are smart toys for your feline friends, too. SHRU is a cat toy that’s designed to mimic the movement and sounds of a real animal. You just turn on the device before you leave the house, and it’ll play with your cat sporadically throughout the day based on how your cat interacts with it.

You can use the SHRU app to tailor the device’s movements and sounds to your cat’s play preferences. It’s made to keep your cat thinking creatively and keep them physically active.

With these eight devices, you can introduce your pets to the wonders of technology. They might not necessarily understand how it works, and you might not either, but you’re both sure to have a great time with it.

By Emily Folk / Twitter @EmilySFolk

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